What is Japan Tatami Mat ?

The Tatami mats are made of three parts.

The Doko is the inside part of the Tatami. In the ancient ways, the inside was filled with rice straw. This made way for bug problems and it wasn’t very comfortable above all. The modern Tatami changed this to compressed wood chips or even styrene foam. The Tatami Omote is the surface of the Tatami, made out of woven dried rush. Hemp or cotton is used as weaving warp. The Tatami Heri is the edge of the Tatami mat. The Heri utilizes a wrapped clothing around the end of the Tatami mat to hide the ends of the woven area for aesthetic purpose.

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The cleaning can be done by vacuuming, with a piece of cloth, or with specialized floor mops. For a more thorough cleaning, a dry cloth piece would make the Tatami mat shine. Remember to clean in the same direction the rush is woven in, to avoid any damages.